About Me

I am based in Owls Head Maine but am more than happy to travel to wherever you need me to be. 

I believe that everything in life is about finding a balance. 

I think photos should be printed, held and hung on walls instead of being tucked away on a hard drive.

I greatly value quality over quantity.

I love nature and try to show that in my work.

I think everyone should go on a road trip without destination or agenda at least once in their life.

I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

I feel that it isn't where you are but who you are with that matters most.


About You

You are probably a music lover.

You are creative, spontaneous and love to travel.

You have a strong sense of personal style.

You are not afraid to get a little dirty.

You love to be outdoors, especially in good company.

You are a risk taker and a trendsetter.

You appreciate a good beer, wine or whiskey.

You know you need a photographer who you can connect with...

And that's where I come in.


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