2015: The Year in Review.

Well, its that time of the year again.  The summary post of my year in photographs.  Other photographers commonly like to split their end of the year posts out into different categories for weddings, families and personal shooting to help keep things neat and organized...but I just toss it all out there together...one big jumbled mess, just like my life usually is. ;) 

Anyway, I say it every year...but I know not all of these images are mindblowing, punch you in the throat sort of photos...but they all stand out to me personally for one reason or another...and sometimes I can't even put into words what it is I like about a photo. I'm OK with that, hopefully if they speak to me...then they say something to someone else too. 

I figure this is also a good time to just say how much I so greatly appreciate those who have been following my work over the years and for those who are just making their way here, I hope you like what you find.  To those who have trusted me to document the important moments in your lives, it absolutely blows my mind every single day that after 4 years I am still able to make a living doing this thing that I love so much.  I am so eternally grateful to you for believing in me and giving me the chance to tell your story.   

Hopefully you'll enjoy this little visual stroll through my past year, I had an absolute blast!  I got to work with some incredible people, made a bunch of awesome new friends, visited some rad places and survived another year of parenthood.  Here's hoping our paths cross one way or another in 2016. :)