A personal update.

So things have been kind of quiet around here lately...for numerous reasons.  One of the biggest being that Shauna and I are expecting a baby next month and have been quite busy getting our nest together.  We also decided that now would be a good time to do a full kitchen renovation (slightly crazy I know).  So the majority of our recent days have been filled with painting, picking out backsplash tile, baby registries, appliances, countertop selection, crib assembling, cabinet colors, birthing classes, flooring options and doctors appointments.  Throw in a little snow and ice and I'm ready for a nap. So yes, life is a bit chaotic right now...but all with the most fun and exciting of things!  All of that being said, we are booking weddings currently for 2015 and also have a handful of weekends still open in 2014 so if you, or someone you know is engaged and looking for a photographer...please send them our way...we've got a killer referral program. :)

And since a blog post isn't really a blog post without a few photos...here's a few images of Shauna and her bump.