Birthdays, Family, and Philadelphia

When I originally started this blog my intention was to use it strictly for showcasing the photography that we have done for weddings and other wedding related events.  However, I think I am going to change plans a bit and see how things go if I use this as a soundboard for everything and anything I feel like talking about.  Besides, the whole point of a blog is for past or future clients to get an idea of who we actually are.  Photographers have a tendency to be a bit mysterious as we are always hiding behind a camera lens.  This is a place for you to get to know a little bit of who I am.  Feel free to discuss, comment, agree, or disagree with whatever I have to say.  I would love to get some great discussions going on here.  My goal is to try to do one blog post a day, might be difficult considering I am probably swinging close to 80 hours a week between doing photography and working a full time job, but hey, it's something to work towards, and that's what goals are for right?  The wedding photography posts aren't going anywhere, they will just be interspersed between my daily ramblings

This weekend was my sister's birthday celebration, I spent the night in the city with my Mother and Sister, we stayed at the Hotel Palomar on 17th and Sansom, super nice place.  Had dinner at the Continental Midtown and grabbed a few drinks.  You have to understand that my mother gets loopy with one glass of White Zinfandel but she had an actual drink (Orange Blossom) at the Continental, which was so unlike her, but she handled it well, much better than I expected :) They went to see Jersey Boys and I took the opportunity to snap a few shots around town.   I overheard a few ridiculous bar stories, perfect examples of how incredibly awkward, uncomfortable, and overly rude the male species can be in attempting to woo a woman.  Some of us dudes have come a long way in our tactfulness, and others unfortunately, have not.  At least they make for good entertainment.

I love spending time in the city, I love the central-ness of everything and the liveliness, but I also realized that I doubt I could ever be a permanent city dweller.  I hate the noise, the constant commotion, and the claustrophobia of always having people around.  As much as I have always desired to be that cool city hipster that can get all their friends into the trendy hotspots and bars I've realized that I definitely work much better on the other end of the spectrum as an occasional city visitor.  I appreciate my space and grassy ground way too much.  I'm growing a beard, buying lots of flannel and an axe and calling it a day.  I must have gushy country guy written all over my face.  I was probably stopped 4 times by people asking for money.   And of course I handed out the .78 cents that was in my maybe I am a gushy country guy, or maybe I was just worried about making sure that the $4,000 camera that was in my hand stayed there...and that somehow .78 cents made for a good distraction...right.

So, despite my painfully boring ramblings this is still a photography blog... and what's a photography blog without some photos? So here are some of the shots that I and my sister...and my mother (we were all photographers on this trip) took.