Forgotten Farmhouse in Morgantown.

For some reason, it seems the vast majority of landscapes that I fall in love with and share in this project are usually from somewhere other than Pennsylvania.  I can't think of any real reason for that especially since I know how beautiful it can be here...particularly in the winter.  Over the years I've shot a fair amount of Pennsylvania landscapes with my iPhone, if you follow my Instagram feed you have probably seen a lot of them.  Though I've been making a point lately to go out and reshoot some of my favorite scenes with a real camera...not that the iPhone isn't a real camera...but you know what I mean. Anyway, this old house is three minutes down the road from where I live and I drive past it on a regular basis.  It sits right in the middle of a field that is usually filled with cows in the summer...which I am hoping to go back and get a photo of next year as it is a pretty unique sight.   It's not a particularly easy spot to get to as it sits right next to a fairly heavily traveled road where there's not much of a shoulder.  My back was right up against speeding cars while taking this...I'm sure my Mom loves to hear that.  Though it calls to me every time I drive past it and was looking particularly picturesque after a small dusting of snow that we received so I finally pulled over a snapped a couple shots.  I'm waiting for the day that the porch roof finally falls off, it has been hanging on, weathering strong winds, rain and heavy snow with no support for 4 years...pretty impressive. w-022