Film Appreciation

I love coming home to a package on the doorstep.  Today my new/old Mamiya 645 Super came in the mail.  Welcome to 1979 :)

I've recently developed this deep desire to shoot more film.  Trust me, I LOVE's absolutely amazing and provides soooooo much flexibility especially in the wedding photography business.  However, I think that it is really easy as a photographer to get caught up in the digital age and just start snapping 5000 photos just because space is cheap and we can buy 25 memory cards and continuously use them over and over and over again.

I've learned  how film really forces us to pay attention to what we are doing because there's a limited number of shots and you can't just delete the bad ones off the card...they are there for good and are becoming increasingly expensive to develop.  Shauna and I spent some time in Philly this past weekend and while we were walking through Rittenhouse Square there was a photographer shooting an engagement session.  As we walked by I could hear her camera rattling off a machine gun like barrage of photos (I have to admit that I can occasionally be guilty of this myself) but it is something that I want to get away from.  I would much rather show up to a shoot and take 125 photos and have 100 keepers instead of showing up and taking 7000 photos and having the same 100 keepers.

I'm hoping that shooting some film will help remind me of the technical details and slow down the overall photographic process for me.  I think in the end, we will all benefit from it.

So I now have a lovely  film camera to accompany its digital counterparts in my bag.  I plan to shoot both digital and film on my shoots this you'll probably be receiving some traditional prints with your digital files.  Personally I'm pretty excited about it...makes me feel like I am in high school again. :)