FIND 2.0. Portland Maine.

Back in October I packed up the car and drove the 7 hours north to Portland Maine to attend a business workshop.  I spent the next few days hanging out with six amazing photographers and learning about business, marketing and time management from Kristen Kalp and Jon Canlas, two of the seriously best mentors in the industry.  We all shared a massive house along the coast and did a lot of talking, shooting, sharing, learning and eating ridiculous amounts of delicious food prepared by Jon's wife Callie...who works some amazing and wondrous magic in the kitchen.  FYI, she is in the process of writing a book called Food For Your Family keep an eye out for that if you care to hone your own kitchen wizardry. Being a photographer is one thing but when it came to the business side of things...I've always just kind of felt like I was feeling my way through the dark...stubbing my toes occasionally along the way.  This workshop really helped to turn the lights on and gave me a much better understanding of how to run a sound, efficient and lucrative business.  To sum it all up, I made some beautiful new friendships, became a better businessman, developed a deeper appreciation for lobster rolls and took a few nice photos...all with a beautiful beach view and sand on my feet.  It was truly an amazing week and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

And it wouldn't be a blog post without a few here's a handful that I snapped along the way.