Katie and Dan.

So I told Katie and Dan to meet me at Hopewell Furnace at 5:00pm to shoot their engagement session.  The day comes, I pack up my stuff and head over.  Front gate is closed...locked up.  What? In summer? There's still a good 3 hours of light left?  Nope.  Closed.   On top of that...I'm seeing rain drops on my windshield... wait...just 5 minutes ago the sun was out!  What's going on?!

Dang-it...this session is still happening...rain clouds and lazy park rangers be damned.  I knew of a trail that accessed the grounds from the back of another nearby park...so that is the route we decided to take.  The rain held off, we had the grounds all to ourselves...and Katie and Dan rocked it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.