Lizzy and Nick. Glasbern Country Inn

Wow.  An emotional day.  You can feel it all day and you know it's there but sometimes as a photographer the full power of the day doesn't really sink in until after.   It wasn't until I was sitting at my computer...alone...probably somewhere around 2:00am...that the power of this day really hit me.  For the first time ever, I cried (just a little ;) ) when reviewing what we shot.

The faces, look at the faces through this post and you will see an unmeasurable amount of happiness...and of course love.  Not just between Lizzy and Nick but between their families as well.  It was an amazing day with some very strong moments.  So many more than I am sharing in this post, but I have to narrow it down somehow.

A little bit about the day, the wedding and reception were both held at the Glasbern Country Inn a beautiful farm venue near Allentown. Lizzy's bouquet was provided by Love 'n Fresh Flowers which is a sustainably managed flower farm in Philadelphia.  Lizzy and Nick handmade a large part of all the details.  The old bottles on the tables were all dug out of a construction site and then scrubbed up to be used as the centerpieces.  The buttons that can be seen on the name cards are all personalized to each guest...Lizzy handmade each one selecting a specific image that related to that person...amazing.

Without going into details, Shauna and I had a very rough year and were forced to deal with some majorly difficult decisions.  These decisions could have had a major impact on our ability to shoot Lizzy and Nick's wedding.  I know it was a lot to pin on a couple planning the biggest day of their life.  Though they never once wavered and provided us with more support than they probably realize.  Through the experience a relationship much deeper than client/photographer developed and it is a fantastic reminder of how and why we love what we do so much.

Thank you both so much for everything...This is usually where I close things up with an adieu..but I know we will be seeing each other soon.


At the end of the night Lizzy's Uncle pulled out a suitcase of family heirlooms to give away as gifts to the rest of the family.  There were photos, clothes, jewelry, vases and an Olympic trophy from the 1920s.  It was an amazing experience...and some truly powerful moments.