Chasity and Jaron Engagement Session ~ Philadelphia

Shauna and I met Chasity and Jaron for a trip into the city  to shoot their engagement session.  Go figure it ended up being the same day as game six of the NLCS with the Phillies back in town.  Travel was not our strong point for the day.  We had issues in every vehicle we entered.  To the point where we grabbed a cab outside of 30th Street station and asked the driver to take us to Love Park.  "Do you know how to get there" He replied.  Yes, we somehow managed to find the only cabbie in all of Philly who doesn't know where Love Park is.  Not only that, but after asking another cabbie where it was, he tells us that it would be better to just walk.  So apparently no cab ride for us. Thanks. ;)

Jaron and Chasity are so comfortable and natural with each other which made them soo easy to photograph.  I think we were all able to have a really good time together and the images turned out awesome.  At least I think so...:)

I am definitely looking forward to shooting their wedding next year.  New Years Eve!! It's gonna be an awesome time!

Anyway, here's a little bit of what our trip looked like.  Hope you guys like em!