Our Honeymoon - Part 6 - Oregon Coast

I'm coming down to the final two posts from our trip and the post from Seattle is going to be pretty short as I didn't take many photos due to the rain we had there.  The Oregon coast was so dramatically gorgeous...very wet...but beautifully wet.  We pretty much hugged the coast for the whole drive through the state...with the exception of heading a bit east towards Grants Pass where we stayed in a treehouse at Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise for a night.  We stopped in numerous small fishing towns along our northward course...and drank a few tasty beverages at Rogue  in both Newport and Astoria.  There was some pretty serious weather moving in and we were planning to camp along the beach again.  When we pulled into Cape Blanco State Park, where we hoped to bed down for night and noticed that they had several heated cabins along the beach that could be rented.  The cabins tend to book up very quickly though we were lucky enough to grab one for the night...thankfully it worked out as the wind and rain really picked up that night and I would not have wanted to be in a tent.  Always an adventure for sure. :)

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