I Promise You…

This is not a self indulgent post of my own photo shoot...seriously...I know that I work much better behind the camera, but apparently so does the wonderful woman in my life, Shauna.  I just had to show off the awesome camera work that she did tonight.  We've started working towards getting her comfortable behind the lenses so that she is able to help me with weddings and other events. We come to find out that she's a pretty dang good photographer (despite the camera being twice the size of her head). My friends had been telling me that my About Me photo wasn't exactly the most inviting of portraits (Thanks Brent), so we took the opportunity while at the park to have her practice and take a few shots of me.  I'm beyond pleased with what she did, and think that I'll have a business partner much sooner than I expected.  I had to take a shot of her because the About Me page for Siousca Photography is now going to be an About Us page.

One for fun...Ha

And the winner for the new About Us Photo