Our Honeymoon - Part 1 - Instax 210 Polaroids

Shauna and I have had a long standing deep rooted affection for the west coast for quite a few years.  We took a trip to San Francisco when we were 19 and fell in love with everything about it.  A couple years later we went to San Diego with some good friends and enjoyed it there as well...and for a period before my photography business took off we were seriously considering moving to Eugene Oregon.  So when it came time to start planning our honeymoon, rather than doing the regular beach chair, white sandy beach, island honeymoon (not that there is anything wrong with island honeymoons) we decided a west coast road trip through California, Oregon and Washington would be a better fit for us.  So we planned a very free form two week journey from San Diego to Seattle.  We only booked a few things here and there because we wanted some space in our schedule to be able to wander and be a little more spontaneous.  We did some camping, stayed in treehouses, cabins, yurts, and hotels along the way.  It was truly an adventure that neither of us will ever forget. I have so many stories and photos to share from this trip.  More than I could ever fit into a single concise blog post...so I am planning to split the trip out into numerous different posts specific to the particular areas that we visited across our travels.  This is only the first of probably what will end up being 6 or 7 honeymoon blog posts. :)

Being photographers, we brought a few cameras along...four to be exact.  Variety is the spice of life right? One of which was my recently acquired Instax 210 Polaroid.  It just added something a little bit different, quirky and fun to the photos that we brought home.  These are by no means meant to be professional quality shots...just some fun snapshots that have that old school polaroid vibe to them.  Enjoy!

Landing for our layover in SLC enroute to San Diego

Palm Springs

Joshua Tree National Park (see our tent in the bottom right of the photo below)

Entering Yosemite National Park

First view of Yosemite Valley with El Capitan up front and Half Dome peeking through in the back

Half Dome basking in November light

Big Sur and Pigeon Point Lighthouse south of San Franscico

San Francisco

Oregon Coast and Cannon Beach

Ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

Seattle skyline from the ferry