Janean and Geoff

Earlier this summer I shot an awesome engagement session with Janean and Geoff.  They were such a lively, easy going, slightly goofy (in a good way) couple and I knew their wedding was going to be a blast to photograph.

Well, last month they tied the knot in the woods just outside of West Chester with only their closest family members present.  It was a beautifully simplistic and emotional ceremony.  The wedding rings were passed around to each family member to speak and share their best wishes for the newly married couple.  Once finished we all headed back to the brides parents house for some killer home cooking and drinks with friends. Janean's Dad was a whirlwind of energy behind the grill, on the deck crushing ice, in the kitchen cutting vegetables...he was everywhere.  The food was absolutely amazing...and I got to try my first piece of Jamaican rum cake.  Delicious.  Though, don't plan on operating any vehicles or heavy machinery afterwards...its basically a double shot of rum in solid form with icing on top.

Janean and Geoff, It was truly an honor to be able to document this day for you.  I hope you enjoy the photos.