A Typical Daydream Series

So, last week I spent a few quiet days tucked away in Portland Maine for a photography business workshop (I'll save most of the details on that for a later blog post) but I was urged by some incredibly talented colleagues and mentors to shoot and share more of my landscape work. It was suggested that I write a single image landscape post each week...and thus that's what brings us to this post. After I got home from the workshop I started digging through my archives and realized that I have a fairly extensive backlog of images that for one reason or another have never been shared.  A few are local things that I have shot around Pennsylvania though most are from my travels over the past couple years.  I always feel like I need to come up with some kind of creative name for stuff like this so "A Typical Daydream" comes from a Grateful Dead song which only seemed fitting for a few reasons. 1. I've always been a pretty big deadhead  2. The song is about traveling and most of these images were taken while on the road  3. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration in these photos for a little daydreaming of your own.

So that's the backstory to this series, I'm hoping to use this as an excuse to get out shoot more work like this as it is something that I really enjoy and find very therapeutic.  It can be easy to let things like this go by the wayside when you have clients and deadlines and what always feels like a full calendar...but I've learned that to have a truly successful, fulfilling and enjoyable career as a photographer I need to take a little time out for me and shoot some personal work. In the end, it will only benefit me and my clients equally.  :)

Anyway! Let's get on with this ish!

The image below was shot when Shauna and I were honeymooning on the west coast. I'm not 100% sure of the exact location but I know that it was somewhere just south of San Francisco near the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  I just really love the colors here, that faint wandering fence along the cliff and the wispiness of the clouds.  The pacific coast is a magical place.

And as always, if you have a naked wall, empty corner of your desk or a few frames that need filled these images are available for purchase here.

Mamiya 6 ~ Expired Kodak 160NC