Chichen Itza

I took advantage of one of my days off in Mexico and made the 2 hour trek out to Chichen Itza with Shauna's brother Mike. We stopped at an awesome underground well called Cenote Ikil before actually making it to the ruins and we really couldn't have picked a better day. Red Bull was there hosting a high dive competition and it was definitely some pretty impressive stuff. The cave itself was about 70 feet deep with a seemingly bottomless pool of beautiful blue water at the bottom...however Red Bull apparently wasn't impressed by the 70 foot drop so they added an additional 20 foot platform to the top of the cave for the divers to jump from.

After leaving the well we made our way to Chichen Itza to view the 1500 year old Mayan ruins and it was flippin' HOT.  Hot doesn't even begin to describe it, my pale scottish skin wasn't made for conditions like this.  It was so bad we willingly bought a $10.00 bottle of sunscreen because otherwise I am sure I would have literally fried to death.  Our tour guide said that the Mayans worked for 7 years straight to build Chichen Itza... I just can't even comprehend working in that relentless sun and heat every day for 7 years straight.  Also I believe while we were at the ruins I must have been bit by a spider of some sort because I came back with some gnarly rash and blister on my arm, but after talking with a nurse at the resort I was able to self medicate and things are healing up just fine.  So aside from the heat and the spider bite the Ikil Cenote and Mayan ruins were absolutely amazing, truly something to see and were well worth the day of travel and scorching heat.  Here's a few of the photos and a video that I snapped while there.