Fuji Instax Mini 7

I am typing this blog post from my iPad at about 30,000 feet above Florida on my flight back from from Mexico. It is in situations like this that it becomes really apparent how far technology has come. However, sometimes having the latest and greatest technology isn't always the most desirable thing.

Before I left for this trip I purchased a Fuji Instax Mini 7 which is basically a newer and funkier version of the old school Polaroid. It's photos are a bit smaller than usual (about the size of a credit card) but they are fantastic for grabbing quick vintage-y snaps in polaroid fashion. Definitely awesome for those who like the instant gratification of digital but miss the romanticism of film. The camera itself is a little larger than I expected but is still very manageable and the film cartidges are super easy to load. I wish that there was an option to turn off the flash and it definitely seems to produce better results when used outdoors but for $60.00 it's pretty hard to complain too much.