Krista and Mark ~ Merion Tribute House

You may remember Krista and Mark from their Philadelphia engagement session that was posted a few weeks back.  Krista and I used to work together at Citadel FCU and first really met when she brought Mark along to one of the company award dinners a few years ago. Shauna and I can remember sitting at our table with them that night drinking long island iced teas and talking the night away and even though we had never met before it felt like we were hanging out with friends that we'd known for years.  That was a long time ago and I think at that point no one knew that things would work out the way that they have but Shauna and I were so glad that we were able to document this day.  They're both just some of the most genuine and easy-going people you'd want to meet and glow when they are around each other with the most infectious energy ever.

Krista and Mark, we had an amazing time at your wedding, thanks to both of you and your extremely welcoming friends and family.

We know that you have a long and winding journey ahead of you...and it will be an amazing ride.

Here's some images from your day.