Lizzy and Nick ~ Philadelphia Adventure Engagement

Lizzy and Nick told me  at our very first meeting that they wanted to trek around the city to a bunch of different locations for their engagement photos.  A couple weeks ago Shauna and I met up with them to go out on our little photo adventure...and yes.  It was awesome.   We hit numerous locations, some spots that I am ashamed to say I never knew existed (I really suck at being a Philly resident).  By the end of the session Shauna and I were educated on Elfreths Alley, olde city architecture, Wissahickon Park, and how amazing indian cuisine is.

There's so much that I can say about Lizzy and Nick and I am going to save most it for their wedding post in a couple weeks...but honestly, I think you can learn a lot about them just by looking at the photos.

The wedding is planned for this upcoming Saturday and we're lucky enough to have been given a little sneak peek into what they are planning and I can already tell that it is going to be an insanely awesome day.  They have poured hours and hours into a ridiculous amount of handmade details and have also picked out a really really killer wedding location.  We haven't even shot it yet and I am already excited to share the photos. :)

Shauna and I had an amazing time spending the day with you guys, thanks for steering us through our first indian dining experience.

We hope you enjoy the shots.  See you Saturday!  We can't wait.