A Typical Daydream Series - Watkins Glen, New York.

Last month Shauna and I headed up to the Finger Lakes for a weekend away.  We handed Rider off to two very excited Grandmothers and enjoyed a much needed getaway to feel like adults again for the first time in 7 months.  We stayed in a little rustic one bedroom cabin right on the banks of Cayuga Lake, enjoyed a few wine tastings, did some hiking and lounged around concentrating on each other for a change. On our last day, before we headed home, we stopped in Watkins Glen and met up with an online friend that I've known for years but never actually met in person.  We hiked through a bit of the gorge, talked and took some photos...it was a lovely end to the trip.  I snapped this shot as we were walking out of the gorge, the light was filtering through the trees really nicely and there was a split second where no one else was visible on the trail.  For being October in New York, I wish there was a bit more autumn color...but the greens turned out to be just as inviting.

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