A Typical Daydream Series - Jedediah Smith Redwoods

Seeing the Redwoods was absolutely one of my favorite parts of our time in California.  For me, putting the awe inspiring power that these trees have into words is near impossible.  The easiest way to understand it is to just go see them for yourself...I promise that you'll thank me afterwards. Not much light makes it down to the forrest floor so photographing these giants without a tripod was a little difficult but I managed to get a few images that I really love.  The shot below was one of the ones that I liked but felt was a little too similar to a few of the others so I never shared it...but I think it stands pretty strongly on its own.

We stopped in a few different Redwood forests but this was taken in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods about 5 miles from the California/Oregon border.  We had received a tip from our host at the treehouse bed and breakfast we stayed at the night before to drive this particular road.  It was incredibly hidden and off the beaten path...we would have never found it on our own.  Once there, we drove for about 10 miles on a narrow dirt road through groves of these massive trees without seeing another soul.  It was absolutely magical.

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